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About Net Manager

The Trans-Manager service is a powerful fleet management service that puts a remote control for your vehicle or fleet in your hands. With it, you can set parameters on fuel : where to fill, how much can be filled at one time, when to fill and what can be utilised at Reliance Petroleum Fueling Location. Net Manager software is designed to help you to be more productive and efficient by showing you the fastest and easiest way to accomplish your fleet management tasks.

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Key Benefits:
  • Complete supervision over your vehicle or fleet, anywhere in the country. As good as being present in all your vehicles during their trips.
  • Using Net Manager ensures price advantageous fuel purchases. Helps manage your funds more efficiently by setting purchase frequency, hence leading to minimum downtime
  • Setting prompts like Odometer can give meaningful information on vehicle utilisation which helps in managing your fleet more efficiently
  • Pre-defining fuelling locations can avoid unscheduled diversions.
  • Net Manager also ensures security on your vehicles by setting prompts such as PIN Number.
  • Time/quantity restrictions prevent misuse of Fueling Transactions.


"Trans-Connect Go Cardless".
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